Monday, August 28, 2006

crps/rsd a better life

What is crps/rsd?

In my opinion it's a shitty diagnosis, a burning ring of fire. Complex regional pain syndrome, formally known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy is the name given to a collection of symptoms the worst of which is continuing pain out of the ordinary for the event that caused it. Abnormal changes in temperature, colour, sweating, hair and nail growth, in addition to ongoing pain set crps apart from other pain syndromes. The initiating event may be as simple as hitting your elbow. Light touch is unpleasant or painful, touch that might normally be painful is excessively so. Early diagnosis and treatment usually results in a better outcome. In many sufferers pain persists for years.


Liz and Liv said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jeisea said...

Yes Liv, you are a fantabulous adult and I'm very, very proud to be your mum. I've fixed the comments now.

Tudi said...

I think you are fantastic and very brave

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