Monday, August 28, 2006

Essential oils making a difference

Oils ain't oils! My very good kind friend known to many to have power to heal has searched long and hard for the right essential oils to stimulate the limbic system, elevate the mind and provide a feeling of balance and grounding. I have only had one application of the oils so far but the effect was amazing. I am a sceptic in general and conservative in my thinking as are many of my vintage but after my experience with mirror therapy I am more open in my thinking. My friend put a few drops of oil in her hand and gently massaged my feet. The process was brief and I did not expect anything to come of it. As part of my autonomic disturbance I have very labile blood pressure. I guessed that my bp would be raised as it always is when we have visitors. I also thought that if I got any benefit from the oils my bp would drop (calming of symptoms means less stress/lower bp). As I hoped my bp droped by 20/20 within 30minutes of application of the oils. Several hours later I was less anxious and more comfortable. That night I slept better, in longer blocks of sleep, but better than that next day I could think. It was the first time in a couple of years that I felt alert and in control and able to remember things. This syndrome has dumbed me down. The feeling only lasted one day but it showed promise. My friend said that I was probably more grounded. I feel pretty bad again at present but look forward to seing what the next application will bring.

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