Thursday, August 31, 2006

Southern right whales are rare as this far north. Tuesday local radio reported a mother and her calf near the wreck just off main beach. We went there yesterday morning early and sure enough an enormous mother with what we thought her new born were right in front of the car park about half way to Julien Rocks. Well rain teamed down on a calm sea so we watched through flat out windscreen wipers. Couldn't take a photo so we went to one of my favourite nurseries and returned an hour later at break in the weather. Wild wind whipped the sea into white caps under an ominous sky. The whales were probably there but no photos yesterday, just of the wold sea. We also popped into to Shikra Design where I added $7.95 brass candle snuffers to my Xmas stash. It's a place where you could go wild for choice.

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