Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vertigo - an easy treatment

Vertigo! When I fell over getting out of bed this morning it explained my nausea for the past couple of weeks. My lifesaver, physio, Libby explained again the manoever to correct positional vertigo. It's called positional because moving in a certain way triggers an attack eg turning over in bed, bending down, looking up, sneezing. I fell down steep stairs, hitting my head as I rolled, finally breaking my right wrist, the incident which caused crps. Hitting my head caused vertigo in my case. Vertigo is not crps and thankfully a simple manoever fixes it. What works for me is to fold my arms across my chest holding my shoulders, sit on the edge of my bed, turn my head in the opposite direction from the side to which I over balance and drop my back on to the bed. I lie on the bed on my back, head to one side and feet still on the floor. I stay there at least 30 seconds, then get slowly up. I make no sudden movement, look up or bend down for the rest of the day. I've done this once only today and feel much better. I'll do it again before bed time. A google search for "benign positional vertigo exercises" will help explain.

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