Thursday, September 07, 2006

Caring and inquiring doctors are priceless

Firstly let me say even though my orthopedic surgeon didn't diagnose crps after a colles fracture he was indeed caring. He put the pain I was in down to the severity of the break. Now I know that up to 35% of colles wrist fracture patients develop crps. I also now know that a UK double blind study has shown that taking 500mg of vitamin C after a colles wrist fracture can prevent development of crps. A google search vitamin c crps will show new studies presently being undertaken to support the UK study. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which counteracts the inflammatory response which occurs after injury. I personally suspect that if vitamin C was given to everyone with wrist injury or operation and perhaps all injury patients, there may be less development of crps.
Over the 8 years since my accident I've found several wonderful doctors who have believed me, spent time searching when they didn't know the answers and were prepared to admit when they didn't know and couldn't help. Dr Andrea Riha devised a plan and methodically carried out treatment trials. When it became apparent that drug therapy was not appropriate, Dr Rhia did not drag me through even more trials but told it as it was. I am grateful for that. Dr Bill Wilkie, psychaitrist, helped me look for alternatives and answered all my questions always respecting my need to understand and have some control. He's a very clever person with a thirst for knowledge. The third Doctor, in my local GP practice, DR Liz Elliot really inspired me with confidence to keep searching. She's shown me great respect. Dr Elliot also is thirsty for knowledge and looks outside the square. Sometimes she gives me so much information my tired and addled brain can't process or remember. The more I read the more I remember that it's something Dr E has told me and with time I can understand. I feel blessed to have found these three wonderful people. They don't have all the answers but I have confidence that together we can overcome this condition.

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