Monday, September 04, 2006

Chilli cream works for me for burning pain

Over the years burning pain has increased for me. It's mostly in my lower back but extends to the backs of both legs and right up the back. The pain can be quite nauseating. My wonderful husband applies firm massage to the burning area for a short time (too firm is painful as is light touch and for too long is over stimulating). I then have an epson salts soak for 20-30minutes. My husband then rubs chilli cream in until it disappears. I make my own chili cream as I'm allergic to something in prepared cream. The active ingredient in chile is capsaicin which breaks down substance p. As the body continues to make substance p you need to keep applying it. Medline has information about capsaicin cream. The cream works for me and helps me get some sleep if I have the bath late in the day and apply it. I also apply a heat pack.

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