Monday, September 11, 2006

CRPS comments are in red.

You probably realize by now that any comments relating to crps are in red. That is to remind you of my first post in August about crps being like a burning ring of fire.Go to Archive on the left of this page and click on August.

Not everyone feels the pain caused by crps in the same way.
I now have burning in my back and sometimes the backs of my legs but for a long time I didn't have burning pain at all. I have nerve firings like a nerve being prodded. Think being stuck with a pin. My bones sometimes ache. I can ache all over as if I have a fever and have what Dr Wilkie calls "free-floating" anxiety. You just can't pin down what's making you anxious. (I strongly recomment Dr Wilkie's books The Home Psychiatrist and Understanding Stress Breakdown.)
Pain varies in type and intensity all the time. When I read about others with crps, I thought I couldn't have this condition. However, things we all have in common are the vascular signs, (cold/hot, colour changes, and pain from light touch or excessive pain for the type of touch.
If you haven't read my notes on mirror therapy yet, look for the leg pictures. I am amazed each day at the response I get from such a simple cost free pain, free technique.

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