Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Deflated ball gives gentle massage.

My physio provided me with a large (about 20cm across), soft ball to use for exercises. If I put the ball against the wall and lean against it with my back, then move up, down and around, the ball gives a gentle massage. You can put any part of your body against the ball. Another great physio suggested putting 2 tennis balls in a sock and, placing them on the wall move your back up and down so it massages either side of the spine or you buttocks or other bady parts. My husband says it's marvelous for trigger points. If you press anywhere on my body it feels like stone bruses so tennis balls are too hard and painful for me. However I highly recommend deflating a soft kid's ball and giving it a go. The ball I have is call "overball" and cost me $14 from my physiotherapist. I think a soft rubber kids ball should work well.

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