Monday, September 04, 2006

Migraines cause acute nerve firing

For me migraines trigger acute nerve firing in my head, in the side of my head at the site of the migraine. A nerve fires with the intensity of pain of trodding a raw tooth nerve. Think how it feels when the dentist blows air over an exposed nerve and magnify that pain. The nerve fires every few seconds and goes on for around 3 weeks slowly peatering out. I generally have odd nerve firings for weeks afterwards. I've been given Tegretol and Neurontin but they cause unacceptable side effects. I also don't think either made a difference. I just lie still till the firing eases. It's excruciating. My wonderful pain psychiatrist, Dr Bill, remembered UK research on Vitamin B2 for preventing migraine. His suggestion was "take VitB complex extra strong 400mg of Vitamin B2 in 4 divided doses per day to prevent migraine and acidosis." I actually find that Natures Own MegaB150 with 150mg B2 taken once a day in the morning works for me. He also told me to sip dark grape juice if I do get a headache. I do occasionally get one but it's usually mild. I take 2 Aspro Clear and sip dark grape juice. It works for me.

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