Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mirror works again

Whilst I've been sitting here up loading photos my right foot (in the area previously diagnosed as morton's neuroma) has been throbbing. Like a pulsating rhythm the nerves fired intruding on my concentration, demanding I pay attention. So I went to the mirror and placed my body side on to the mirror and watched the mirror image of my left foot as I moved my foot (raising the arch as I contracted my foot keeping it flat on the ground). I didn't think it would work this time as at the same time as I was doing this looking at my mirror image moving painlessly, I was aware that my right foot continued to throb. I came back to the computer and a short time later realized the pain had gone. I did the movement I'd done with the left foot and it caused no pain. I understand how it works but I still continue to be amazed that it does.

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