Thursday, September 07, 2006

Move it! Move it! Move it!

This works for me. I have trouble walking far as my feet become stimulated and nerves fire. I've found that if I walked the same distance over and over and then a little further, and then the new distance over and over and then a little further, I could gradually increase what I could do. My feet came to accept what I did as normal. In the same way I lay on the floor with my arms by my side and raised each arm up and over towards the floor above my head. I did this one arm at a time. At first I could only move my arms part of the way, but I kept doing it for no more than 15 times once a day. After two weeks I could reach the floor. I keep doing it each day now increasing the difficulty just a little. I start with a movement that doesn't hurt much and repeat it to the point of boredom, then either gradually increase repetitions or difficulty and do it over and over again. I've managed using this method to both increase time I can spend doing something and increase range of movement.

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