Sunday, September 17, 2006

Move it or lose it.

Today I'm recording what I do to keep moving. When I woke up I was painfully aware that I'd been in one position too long. My left side of my face felt as you do if you sit on a hard floor for too long a time. You need to massage your bottom to make the strange numb, pain feeling go away. My left upper body felt the same as did my lower back. Before I got out of bed my husband firmly but gently rubbed his hands over my back. This gets the blood circulating. I then had a hot shower and massaged any parts of my skin I could reach but particularly my left side and lower back. While the hot water warmed my skin I did some foot exercises (basically drawing the arch up under both feet and then relaxing 100 times). I didn't use chilli cream today as we're going to the Byron Spring Market this morning and the chilli sometimes stains my clothes. Next I did a modified version of yoga "salute to the sun". I'll post photos later. This stretches out the back. My face and left ear still hurt as does my back but not as much as before. The more I move the sooner that feeling will calm. (I hope). Market's calling! More later.Well as you'll see from above I 've had a lovely day. Unfortunately as the morning wore on I became in more and more pain and developed that "whole body anxiousness" I've written about before. When this happens it means I've done too much. I did no other physio today. Experiencing the joy of the day kept my focus on happy things. It's too easy to let the other things dominate. So another day I'll chronicle what I do in a day to move it or lose it.

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