Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oil in the bath softens skin, stops irritation.

When I have warm soaking bath I calm the irritation of dry skin by adding a little oil. I put about a cup of epson salts and some liquid soap, usually Radox or soap on tap or bubble bath in while the water's running. Straight after the bath I gently rub chili cream into any area of burning pain. This works well for me.


Liv said...

if you're willing and able to have a bit of a splurge, one of the best things for dry skin is the butterball bath bomb from lush. they're full of body butter, and the heat of the bath helps to soak it into the skin. works wonders, particularly for people who are sensitive to touch. also excellent in a cold bath if you're sunburnt - takes the dryness away and helps to stop peeling - actually, any cheap body butter is good for sunburn. the bath bombs are about $6.00 each, but worth it.

jeisea said...

Sounds wonderful. I keep body butter in the cupboard. Living at the beach there is usually someone who needs it.

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