Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spa therapy warms and relaxes.

We shared drinks and nibblies on a rug at the beach with our wonderful neighbours. As it was cool when we returned they invited us in for a hot spa under the Milky Way.

My physiotherapist had told us that pressure of water activates the parasympathetic
nervous system. I have to tell you that the movement of water gives a gentle massage that helps to take away the pain of activity (doing too much and overstimulating), and the pain of inactivity (after a night in bed).

  • pressure is calming
  • gentle massage eases pain
  • heat warms the cold parts
  • it's fun
Mmmm. Must do this again.


No said...

What's up?

jeisea said...

Not sure quite what you want to know. I have complex regional pain syndrome. If you "google" "crps" there is a lot of information about it. Touching things and exercise stimulates the nerves in my case. In activity, eg sitting or lying feels as you would if you sat on a concrete floor and had to get up and rub your skin to make it feel normal. The movement of water in the spa helps take away both kinds of pain. Doing things you enjoy raises your endorphins which also helps relieve pain. Having fun is a much better option that getting down about the situation. Don't you agree?

Liv said...

for future reference, the correct answer to the question "what's up?" is "the sky"

sorry, couldn't resist.

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