Monday, September 04, 2006

Supplements that help me

Two years ago, when I was told I could not be given any medicinal pain relief due to unacceptable side effects, my wonderful Pain Psychiatrist, Dr Bill, handed me back some control. Like other crps sufferers who've had similar news, I felt abandoned by the medical profession. He wrote down for me, "For chronic inflamation - Avoid animal - derived fats and coconut oil/cream. Magnesium helps reduce pain and muscle spasm. Ultramuscle - take 1 tsp in water each morning and night. Magmin is best Mg Aspartate or alternatively 1/4tsp of Epson Salts in a large glass of water every day. Increase fish oil Omega3, cheap tinned salmon, mullet, and fish oil capsules - start off 2 capsules daily and after one week up it to 4 capsules a day. Increase olive oil and olives. No dairy food and no chicken fat. To reduce homocysteine and toxins etc - eat beetroot regularly - this interacts with homocysteine to produce methionine (liver protector) and SAMethionine (SAMe), a natural antidepressant. Cut out tea, coffee, cola drinks and chocolate.
Exercise - Resistance exercise (isometric) will reduce pain for 90 minutes. (it releases a growth hormone that antagonises inflammatory hormones"
I've noticed that during times of acute muscle spasm flare ups, increasing magnesium helps. I also soak in epson salts baths. Usually health food shops and some chemists sell it cheaply in bulk. I drink Madura tea as its lower in caffeine.
  • magnesium for muscle spasm
  • fish/fish oil for inflamation
  • beetroot - liver protector and antidepressant
  • isometric exercises reduce pain for up to 90 minutes.
This is what I do and what helps me. Seek advice from treating professionals.

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cyncyn914 said...

My mom has rsd on her left foot....i would definately have her try these things

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