Thursday, September 07, 2006

What works for me so far

  • mirrors
  • essential oils (still experimenting but amazed so far)
  • breathing out twice as long as in
  • distraction
  • magnesium for muscle spasm
  • fish/fishoil for inflamation
  • beetroot for liver protection and antidepressant
  • isometric exercises to reduce pain
  • epson salts warm bath
  • chili cream (capsaicin)
  • heat pack
  • graduated repetition of movements
  • pacing


Liv said...

what oils do you find work for you? there are so many different types.

one to avoid is rosemary because it increases blood pressure, and should not be used with anyone with unstable blood pressure, or anyone who's pregnant.

jeisea said...

I am still experimenting with oils. I'll post more when I know more. I don't want to make claims until I'm deffinitely sure something works for me. Good point about the rosemary.

Liv said...

well, having seen your reaction to it, and other people's reactions, i know too well it's one to be avoided if you have blood pressure problems.

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