Sunday, October 29, 2006

Changing the way the brain thinks - is this the way forward in my managing the symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome?

I'd found information about "the virtual body" on the internet, but until I read Dr Lorimer Moseley and David Butler's book "Expalin Pain", I hadn't realized the vital part the brain plays in our perception of pain. It's helped me understand better and change my focus from "what could be done for me" to "what I could do for myself". I encourage anyone suffering chronic pain to seek out the book and read for yourselves. Australian libraries should have it. I've been told some physiotherapist will lend it. Information on the book and other research can be found by googling "explain pain moseley", or "the virtual body", or "treating pain with mirrors". has example pages and other information. I think the original research was done in the UK and published in the New England Journal of medicine in early 2003 but there is no doubt Australian physiotherapists have embraced the new approach to understanding and pain management.


tobs said...

Just wanted to tell you(Like the other person below) that I have had about 5 emails from Google re your Blog. Just wanted to say WELL DONE and also how I agree whith the way you are going about the treatment.
Have linked to you at
if thats ok? if not then please tell me by email at colchester(at)gmail,com
PS THIS is about the 4th time I have written this but google seems to be playing up. Hope you get this version.

jeisea said...

Hi Tony. I'm pleased you let me know. I checked out your site. It's excellent. Next week my daughter will be here and she'll teach me how to put links on. If you don't mind I'll link your site as well. I think the UK is doing wonders with research and am keen to check out info I saw on your site today. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I got to see your blog after Tony (below) sent it to us via the yahoo site. Thank you for the information. My husband has RSD/CRPS for 12 years following a crush injury to his lower leg. Meds only help to a degree so he is very debilitated by the pain. We live in UK and have been looking at the reports on mirrors and his Dr. said go try it, it's just getting my husband in the right frame of mind because he has had so many treatments i.e. nerve blocks,symathectomies that didn't work out he's frightened of disapointment. Anyway your article should spur him on, thank you for sharing this info online, I'll save your blog as a favorite so do update us about your progress. If we have any sucess I'll let you know. Best wishes from us both.

jeisea said...

Hi and thank you for your comment. I would very much encourage you to give the mirrors a go. It's not an instant cure. In my shoulder I can usually notice that the muscle relaxes a little. Just doing it once isn't enough. I go back and do it repeatedly but only for about 8 arm movements as I get pain in the other side and that I think is counter productive. What appears to happen for me is that the symptoms pare back after each time.I generally notice 10 minutes to half an hour later that I feel a little better. Then if the shoulder has set off the whole side head to foot, gradually the symptoms retreat back to the shoulder. If I keep at it the shoulder settles. Then something else flares up and I deal with that. I really feel over time that the threshold at which I react will be raised. That means hopefully I can tollerate more before a flare up. Please do let me know how you go.

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