Saturday, October 07, 2006

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - what works for me as drugs aren't an option.

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Shara said...

Hi jeisea, I want to introduce you to

jeisea said...

Thanks shara. Is it posible to post an article or link?

Anonymous said...

hey jeisea
the last time i was on the ozrsd forum you was asking about neurofeedback and also gave great advice from your own experiences but do you have any idea whats happened to the forum its completely shut down !

jeisea said...

Hi. I'm glad you liked what I put on the forum. I never know what people will think and it's easy to offend people. I just checked the forum and got in with no problems. You might have some problem with your link. If you go to and click on "forum" you'll get in. I'm meryl on the forum. Hope you're going ok.

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