Monday, October 16, 2006

Essential oils again.

My friend who really knows her oils put some "valour' on my feet again on Saturday. Immediately my feet became warm and red. Her gentle massage may have caused that. Then my whole body became very warm, almost uncomfortably so. She put another oil behind my neck and I cooled immediately. I don't know why my body responds so well to oils. That night I slept most of the night although I woke several times. Sunday morning I woke at 5am and was really allert. I had heaps of energy and was focused. This is the same reaction as last time. I did heaps of things I would normally be dragging my feet to do. This lasted most of the day and I still wasn't exhausted at night. I put an oil that helps with sleep on my feet last night. I slept but dreamed all night and woke very tired. I'll post again after the next treatment with "valour". The result was amazing. I really think that oils are not to be messed around with and professional advice is strongly recommended if you think they might help you. Some oils can have harmful effects.

I now know that adding things such as essential oils enriches the experience and helps to retrain the brain with the "it's ok" message.

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