Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm in pain but I keep active so why are my muscles weak?

David Bulter and Lorimer Mosely's book "Explain Pain" gives a good description of what happens to muscles when the brain says pain. As I understand it long muscles become activated when the there is pain. In the short term this is very effective because it prepares us to take action. However if the pain message continues the long muscles tend to contract and shorten which has the effect of weakening the short muscles. I think that's what happening with my shoulder (rotator cuff tendonitis. Yes another 'itis'). I can feel my muscle spasming and tending to stay contracted for longer and longer periods. Yesterday I was experiencing a lot of shoulder pain and spasm. I used the mirror exercise repeatedly throughout the day and by late last night the pain was much less. Last night I put the oil which energises me on my feet. I took a long time to go to sleep but eventually slept reasonably well and woke alert. This morning the shoulder pain was all but gone. It came back today while having a cuppa with friends at home. Too much sitting and not changing posture etc aggrevated it again. I've used the mirrors once and will keep repeating till it eases off again. This certainly is a complex regional pain syndrome.

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