Monday, October 09, 2006

Neglect symptoms and crps.

Sufferers of crps have this unique symptom of not only having an altered perception of the affected limb but also physically protecting the limb and therefore developing physical problems due to lack of use or altered use. The brain is the problem here as it is telling us clearly by pain that something is wrong when usually nothing is wrong. Other chronic pain sufferers also develop this altered perception of the affected limb. Where crps sufferers differ is in the fact that we can develop the physical stuff. I think we are given the message by professionals too, that we need pain relief in order to do physical therapy when the more urgent need is move and move bilaterally all the time to maintain condition. Where we have to be careful is to do it in small steps and often, instead of overdoing it and "paying for it". We get into a vicious cycle of too much and too little.

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