Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oils again.

Last night I used 3 drops of the oil that I first was given and I had a reasonable night still waking often but woke this morning early and feeling better. Although not raring to go as I was the first time I don't feel tired and am quite alert. (I can type this today without a thousand mistakes.) The dose last night was three drops rubbed into my feet. The other times I'd had five or seven drops. I am pleased to be able to concentrate better today especially as I have the usual added pains from an overcast day with barometric pressure changes and a drop in temperature. As other crps sufferers know, change, especially sudden change, causes an escalation of symptoms. It seems that the brain treats change as a threat and responds with fight/flight responses. The challenge and the solution, not simply, is to retrain the brain.


NZSonya said...

Hi Jeisea,
Just read your entire blog spot...WOW its terrific! and those beautiful photos of where you live and shop are gorgeous.
Good on you for taking charge of your rehabilitation and trying alternative methods of pain control...and of course spreading the word...
Stay strong

your Kiwi friend

jeisea said...

Hi Sonya. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope that what I'm saying gives some hope to others. We're all in this together. In a couple of weeks when I am able to put links on here I'll put the oz forum in the left column. I can also put links to current information and research. Were you able to access the site I posted about recent research? Take care of you.

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