Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pacing brings rewards.

We are told to pace what we do in order not to aggravate our symptoms and overstimulate. It's too tempting to go like mad when I have a better day only to cause more probems and "pay for it later" as I've heard others say. Well today I rode to a local cafe with my gorgeous husband. We had coffee and shared cake as both a reward for making it there and a break in the journey. We took our time and stopped along the way looking at and smelling plants in people's gardens. My bike was made to suit my needs with soft suspension, a rotational gear shift and a very soft seat. It's just the basic girl's bike model with modifications, and including rear basket was about $250. I just love it. My plan is to ride a little every day. My feet still get stimulated walking so my idea is to walk a little and ride a little. We've just bought a bike carrier so we can now check out other areas.

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