Friday, October 27, 2006

Pacing is important in controlling the symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome.

My suffering today brings home to me the importance of pacing and not overdoing things. I now recognize warning signs but don't always pay attention. For me the warning that I must stop is a general agitation and all over burning as if I have a fever. Twice lately I've ignored the signs and ended up with flare ups in my shoulder driven left side and back driven right side. I realise the right thing to do would have been to stop, breathe out twice as long as in, take an epson salts bath, apply chilli cream and a heat pack and of course mirror exercises. The frustrating thing is that I just want to get on with life and put fun in there. As I've said before it's a fine line between enough and too much/ pay for it later.


NZSonya said...

Hi Jaisea,
You wont believe this hun but i received your blogspot post,dated Fri 27th, tonight...sent to me within my RSS news feeds i receive daily from Google!!! If i did anyone else in this whole world with RSS newsfeeds with a key word of CRPS!!
Well done are getting the word out there!!
Have a beaut weekend my friend!
luv Sonya

jeisea said...

Hey sonya. I can't believe it. Thanks for letting me know. Hugs to you.

tobs said...

I also would like to tell you that I have hade about 5 RSD shots from Google re your postings.
Well done and I am VERY impressed with the blog.
I have included a link to it on my site at

Hope thats OK? If not then please contact me at colchester(at)
Love and Best Wishes

jeisea said...

Thanks again Tony. I'm looking forward to spending some time reading your site too.

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