Sunday, October 29, 2006

Simple pleasures.


Anonymous said...

HI Jiesa

my name is catie porter and i am 56 married 35 years with four adult children and 5 grand daughters. I have had rsd now for several years--3 to be exact--had a traumatic injury to my rt knee in 2003. I now have symptoms in my entire rt side including my face and tongue my left arm and my left leg intermittently.

I figured we had so much in common
i should write. I love your site.
HOw do you become a blogger?
catie in spokane washington USA

jeisea said...

Hi Catie. I got crps from a right wrist colles fracture in 1998. I have a whole body problem now but have flare ups in different sites which is why I can use the mirror trick. They are still trying to work out what to do for central and whole body symptoms. I work on the principle that if you can elliminate some of the symptoms it puts less stress on the body and other things will calm down. Although I continue to have regular flare up, I am controlling them more quickly. Google blogger and go "create a blog " and it's explained easily. If you get a blog send me your link. If you want me to email you please put an address. I'm glad you like my site. Soon I'll be writing about eating smart to rid the body of free radicles. Take care.

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