Friday, October 13, 2006

Stress makes pain less tolerable.

Global warming is a fact. Yes it is stressing me and hopefully all of you. The way I plan to reduce the stress over this is to take action. Individually we can help by being more aware of the little things we do. Collectively we can be powerful. I just received a newsletter from David Kosh from Sunrise on seven TV in Australia.

We've now had more than 100,000 people sign our online petition against global warming.

Can I just say how thankful we are for that.

It proves there is a real will to make Governments understand how serious the problem is. I know it sounds like we're harping on about it - but I think we need to. We had a report this week from islands on Queensland's Great Barrier Reef that are changing before our eyes. The beaches are disappearing - and the coral is all but bleached. Sea turtles are now dying throughout the Whitsundays.

We've been chatting in the office about how to make COOL THE GLOBE even bigger.

One other event we should tell you about. Walk Against Warming is a National Day of Action on Saturday November 4. There will be marches all over Australia. We'll be taking part in them - and you might want to consider it as well. You can find out more by visiting the official website: You can also sign their pledge to walk, so they can get an idea on numbers.

I applaud the Sunrise team for taking this action and urge you all to control your stress by taking action. Remember as well that distraction is a great way of dealing with pain. Let taking action absorb your concentration and make this work for all of us!

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