Friday, October 06, 2006

To move is not to injure. Not to move is tortuous.

Is there a need to change initial treatment for first diagnosed crps? Is it better to put the main emphasis on explaining that to move is not to injure and that if you avoid movement and touch because it's painful you run the risk of neglect in that area, worsening symptoms? I know that not moving or being in the one position too long is extremely painful. I also know that it is best to move bilaterally or with the whole body and to pace yourself not overstimulate. It took a long time of being on the roller coaster of "I feel better so go go go" followed by long "paying for it" periods. I've developed problems with my left shoulder even thought my injury was to my right wrist. Because my wrist is stiff with limited movement, my right side takes the weight of lifting and carrying etc. I can't avoid this so to create a balance I exercise with both sides equally and use a full range of movements. This determination to keep moving has resulted in my moving normally. I look normal and use no aides. I'm grateful for that.

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