Friday, November 17, 2006

Unrealistic goals set me up for disappointment.. Working within limitations works better for me to avoid agravation of symptoms of crps.

The thing I can't quite get right is accepting my limitations. Again this week I've overdone things and am now "paying for it" with increased pain and nerve firing. I decide I want to do something (eg in the case this week I wanted to trim an Azalea bush), then go ahead and do it forgetting to pace myself and stop when I struggle. I just ignore pain, weakness etc and just forge ahead until I finish. I was enormously satisfied with the trimmed bush. That was a happy experience fitting well with my "actively seeking happiness" idea. However it was not smart. Unfortunately the nerves in my fingers are firing relentlessly like being pricked with a pin over and over again. Other nerves in my fingers, palm and wrist are so irritating that I want to tear out my flesh to relieve the irritation. I don't know whether there's some swelling putting pressure on the nerves or whether there are just aberrant false messages sent from an alarmed brain. I suspect the latter and am using mirror exercises which are helping. I also find it helps to put pressure on the firing site. Pressure messages get to the brain faster than pain and result in a decrease in pain perception. It's the same principle when you kick your shin and rub it. The pain feels less. My daughter says good beauty therapists when waxing pull the wax then quickly apply pressure. In future I'll try to remember my physiotherapists advice and set realistic goals.

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