Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Someone else who's benefited mirror exercises.

Some weeks ago I met Linda, the Australian contact for RSD Alert. She spent the day with me and I showed her what I do that works for me with mirrors. Linda could see the possibilities and decided to give it a go. Now her practitions are supporting her efforts. Linda sent this in an email.

“I had pain relief for a week after you showed me the mirror therapy - wow! I wanted to see how long it would last without doing it again. I have needed to do it since but have not had the extreme nerve pain I have endured for nearly 6 yrs and tell everyone who will listen. So a big thank you for that also.”

To see what I do scroll through the blog from August on as I have posted several photos and information. Also check tthe links section to the left of the blog and click on "noigroup". I'll be posting more links to research soon.

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