Monday, November 27, 2006

These things help me cope with unpleasant symptoms of crps.

My face develops an unflattering flush and stays red when by blood pressure rises as an over sensitive autonomic nervous system creates havoc from every day stresses. I bought a green cover stick from the local chemist and it works a charm to hide the flush. I apply it after a moisturiser and then just powder over. It's also great for the dark circles under the eyes. The other thing that works really well is Prantal powder which prevents excessive perspiration. Chemists also sell this. It contains diphemanil methylsulfate 20mg/g and contains no aluminium. My hands and feet at times sweat profusely but a slight sprinkle on the feet and between the toes stops shoes from getting smelly and makes wearing them more comfortable. I've mentioned this before on this blog but thought it's worth another mention.

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