Thursday, November 16, 2006

Procedure for dental work which prevented exacerbation of my symptoms of crps/rsd.

After a shocking reaction to a minor dental procedure I searched for guidelines for dental treatment for sufferers of complex regional pain syndrome. Whilst many people with this condition don't have problems, I did. I had a small filling replaced in a tooth which wasn't aching. As I wasn't expecting to have pain from the treatment, I didn't have a needle. As expected, the procedure wasn't painful. However withing 24 hours a nerve in the area of the filling started firing. It was as if someone was touching a raw nerve over and over every few seconds. It was several weeks before the firing peatered out. The pain was excruciating. (I've had the same reaction from migraine headache. Refer to archives to the left of the page. Click on September and go to the bottom of the page.) I found good information from RSDSA

I printed out the information and my dentist followed the suggested procedure but also used a cream to deaden the area before inserting a needle. He gave an anaesthetic before the treatment and again at the completion of the treatment. That time I had no pain. I've had one other treatment since then following the same procedure and again had a good result. It certainly worked for me.

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