Sunday, December 24, 2006

Blue Bottle stings are a problem for me with CRPS.

Before I developed complex regional pain syndrome I've been stung by blue bottles, even had them wrapped around my body and had pain but no extreme reaction. Yesterday I was walking in knee deep water when I was stung. I only had a small amount of tenticles, 5 centimetres, but the reaction was extreme. My leg was on fire and is still today. The pain very quickly travelled to my groin and I was light headed. My voice changed and my tongue was thick but I could still breathe relatively normally so I didn't seek medical help. My husband looked up the latest treatment and I had very hot water put on my leg and then a very hot bath. I used the mirror repeatedly and am continuing to do so. I believe this syndrome feeds on pain and feel that the amount of pain I was feeling and continue to have is out of all proportion to what I would normally expect from a sting like this so I believe it is the product of an overly alert brain. That's why I'm using mirrors. I'll visit my GP after Xmas and see if she has any suggestions for any future problems. In the meantime I'm going to be more watchful at the beach.

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