Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Combination of things worked to relieve symptoms of CRPS after a Blue Bottle sting.

Today, although the red marks are still on my leg after the Blue Bottle sting, the extreme burning pain has gone. So has all the other pain and burning on my whole left side. I am amazed to again find that mirrors have helped. I've watched the mirror image of my right leg moving in a way painful for the left leg repeatedly since the sting. I'm also taking 1000mg of vitamin C in two divided doses each day as per Dr Reuben's protocols for preventing CRPS after surgery (or trauma I add in my thinking and a sting is a type of tissue trauma, I think). The reason for dividing the dose is that I think the body processes the vitamin reasonably quicky and gets rid of excess vitamin. By having 500mg morning and again at night I'm giving my body a chance to absorb more of it. I still maintain that it's best to get vitimins from food, but, as I have yet to consult a dietition I don't know how much of what to eat or drink to get 100mg. In short I wook the easy option this time.

The interesting thing about the sting on Friday was that I was struggling to walk because of a flare up in my left foot. I was really having trouble forcing myself not to limp because the pain in my foot was severe and very convincing of an injury. I had been using a mirror because I felt sure the pain was brain driven and was having some slow success. As soon as I was stung, the foot pain disappeared completely and has not returned. As I said before all the pain in my left side is gone. Absolutely amazing. Before I came accross the mirror trick I would have had pain for months or years from a single inciting incident.

It costs me nothing but my perseverence with mirrors and works for me. I suspect the vitamin C may have helped as well.

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