Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gate theory explained.

Wikipedia provides an explanation of the Gate theory of pain. I believe this theory has led the way to novel treatments of chronic pain such as the mirror and virtual reality treatments.

Before this theory was presented the one-way action/reaction or "alarm system" response as proposed by Descartes was accepted as an explanation of pain. This theory did not explain phantom limb pain let alone the pain of CRPS/RSD. The role that the brain plays in pain was simply not considered.

In the Gate theory the failure to control pain can be seen as "the brain being unable to deal with the challenges that a body faces."

In the article this is stated to be a "mental illness". It is widely accepted and has been proven that CRPS is not a "mental illness" in the accepted term. What the article seems to say is that the mental aspect is the unconscious brain which has the problem. Unfortunately in this instance I believe that there has been a poor choice of words. However, that aside it is a good explanation and worth reading.

You can find this article by using Google.

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