Friday, December 29, 2006

Interesting article on the complex regional pain syndrome and its effect on eye, heart, hormones and dental issues.

Dr Robert Schwartz has written a very interesting article discussing the controversal issue of involvement of eyes, heart, hormones and dental systems with crps. I definitely have cardiac involvement directly caused by crps. A cardiologist and a cardiologist/vascular physician confirmed this. I have dyautonomia, labile blood pressure, chest pain, paroxymal atrial fibrulation etc all caused by a disturbed autonomic nervous system. I also have had significant problems with dental work, even minor work. Please note that my blood presure is more stable since I've been regularly breathing twice as long as in for 15 minutes a day most days. Please see previous posts. Also look at crps related articles to the left of this blog. I also can have dental work safely now if the procedure recommended is followed. Please look at the article links for articles axplaining the procedures.
My cardiac symptoms were thoroughly chesked by specialists.

If you have heart symptoms you cannot assume crps is the cause. Seek professional advice.

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