Monday, December 11, 2006

Is this the way of the future for treating CRPS/RSD?

Yesterday I posted about mirror treatment. I explained that the idea of treating sufferers of complex regional pain syndrome with mirrors came out of successful treatment of phantom limb pain. Like phantom limb pain CRPS is driven by incorrect brain messages from an unconcious brain. (We cannot control the unconconscious brain only the conscious one.)
Now scientists at Manchester University in the UK have discovered that phantom limb pain can also be alleviated using a virtual reality computer system. In a similar way to mirror therapy the brain is tricked into believing that everything is OK.
If this works then it makes sense to think that the pain and symptoms of CRPS can possibly be relieved using the same method. The real benefit to CRPS sufferers is that virtual reality brain retraining might work for central (down the back), and whole body pain. Because mirror therapy works by looking at the mirror image of the "good" side, it hasn't been useful for pain that is not one sided.

This is exciting research and offers real hope.

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Angel said...

Here in South Florida, USA, treatment for CRPS/RSD is slow to be accepted as the "new" treatment. Our gov't's FDA must test and then retest over and over, which usually takes about 10 years. In the meantime, we continue to suffer.
I would appreciate any further information on this treatment, since I've been a sufferer of RSD for approximately 10-years, and have experienced the "mirrored" symptom for 5-years. Thank you.

jeisea said...

Hi Angel. I hope you read my post. I've had crps for 8 years and am only recently getting some relief. As I've mentioned before I cannot take medications (drugs)so had to find other things that work. If you put your email address here I'll reply and perhaps I can find out your problems and work out some practical ways of helping. If you don't wish to put your email here go to the Australian RSD forum (link to the left of my blog) sing up, click on index and find something posted by meryl. (that's me) Click on PM at the bottom of my post and send me a personal message with your email. I'll themalso send you my msn so we can chat if you like. Take care.

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