Thursday, December 14, 2006

Keeping it realistic.

A wise man recently reminded me to keep my goals realistic. Today I'm posting these photos between spells where I'm removing the skin from almonds. So I select a photo and press download, do some almonds and then come back and edit and publish. I'm blanching almonds for my Christmas cakes. I have two in the oven and I'll make another two soon. Usually I weed grass to strengthen my right hand. I posted before about my having difficulty grasping and maintaining a hold. I want a couch lawn in a small area of our back yard so I'm strengthing my hand and improving my lawn at the same time. No weeding today, however, I'm pacing myself well with the almonds as I know it is so easy to do too much with the old "pay for it later". I'm trying to be realistic (although go go go is what I really want to do). I added the countdown to Christmas to keep me motivated and happy.

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