Friday, December 15, 2006

Remember to breathe.

"Remember to breathe," my physiotherapist said this morning. I realised I was holding my breath while trying to balance on one leg (balance exercises today). This simple statement made me notice that I was also shallow breathing and was generally anxious as I'm having another right side flareup at present. You may remember previous posts where I'm mentioned the benefits of oxygen and breathing well. I already am experiencing the benefits of practising controlled breathing by establishing normal breathing and breathing out twice as long as in. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system and has a calming effect. Research suggests that doing this at least three times a week will overall reduce high blood pressure. (see crps links) I don't have high blood pressure as such but my blood pressure would wildly fluctuate curtesy of an over sensitive autonomic nervous system. I practice this type of breathing most days and have for the past couple of months. My blood pressure is now more stable and any fluctuations are not as extreme. It appears to me that it doesn't just reduce high blood pressure but by bringing about a sympathetic/parasympathetic balance calms my over active autonomic nervous system, a big plus for someone suffering from complex regional pain syndrome.

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