Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Again I'm reminded of pacing and the importance of staying focused.

I've had a lovely couple of days with our family and friends visiting and got swept up in the the enjoyment of conversation and business that goes with visitors. I got carried away and didn't pace myself. I also didn't keep up the shoulder/arm exercises for a few days and only did mirror work a few times.

Yesterday whlie we chatted with friends I could feel the pain and hypersensitivity spread from my left shoulder down the arm and then upwards and into the side of my face. With these uncomfortable feeling goes muscle spasm and s strong altered perception of that side of the body.
It feels as if it's swollen but when I look I see there is no swelling. I need to keep looking to give my brain the right message.

It's straight to mirror work for me and paced physiotherapy exercises. I know I'll deal with this flare up because I have before.

This aging reminds me how important being focused is. Even though other things are happening I need to pace and not overstimulate. I need to keep up the exercises.

Yesterday I bought dried Goji beries. I haven't worked out how much vitamin C in them yet .

I'll post more when I've investigated further.

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