Sunday, January 07, 2007

Having a ready checklist of things that work helps in flare ups with complex regional pain syndrome.

I'm now in the "done too much, pay for it" predicament at the moment so am glad I wrote this checklist. It should help me get through this flare up. As other sufferers know, symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome can vary throughout the day. As well as an overall plan to erode back the symptoms, I need to have strategies in place to help with the day to day problems. Some of the things that help me are

  • mirrors (August archives photos)
  • essential oils (still experimenting but amazed so far)
  • breathing out twice as long as in (August)
  • resperate machine could be used to control breathing(November)
  • distraction (September archives)
  • magnesium for muscle spasm (September)
  • fish/fish oil for inflamation (September)
  • beetroot for liver protection and antidepressant (September)
  • isometric exercises to reduce pain (September)
  • epson salts warm bath (September)
  • chili cream (capsaicin)
  • heat pack (September)
  • graduated repetition of movements (September)
  • pacing
  • move it or lose it
  • deflated ball gives a great massage (see photo September)
  • butterball bath bomb (September)
  • water relaxes, calms,slows and improves breathing, helps sleep (September)
  • Caring Doctors (September)
  • Letting go of worries and avoiding stress (October)
  • Actively seeking happiness (October)
  • I will take vitamin C if I must have surgery as a precaution. (November)
  • eat nutrient rich antioxidant foods (November)
  • use Prantal powder for hyperhydrosis (November)
  • make a list what works for me as a quick reference. (November)
  • don't despare when I have flare up. Refer to the list. (November)
  • Understanding that while it hurts it's not necessarilly harmful!!!
I am a sufferer not a professional. These things work for me about which I am very thankful. If you think something may help you check first with your treating practitioners.

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