Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jason from San Diago has a RSDS/CRPS news blog.

Jason just posted on my blog about his news blog. Jason's mum has CRPS and he is trying to get the word out and help sufferers. His site is informative and really worth a look.
Check the comments for his address.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jeisea, So happy you like my blog. I have just been reading yours and it's exceptional. So much good information. I'm going to go through your archives and I'm going to investigate mirror therapy. Bless you.

jeisea said...

Thanks Sophie and I loved your blog. I'd like to know if mirror therapy is used in the US. I think it has the potential to fix other chronic pain. The way of the future I think is with virtual reality. Have a look at my links to the left of this blog. May be a while till it is useful for us but the potential is huge because you don't have to be confined to one side of the body as you do with mirror therapy at the moment. Take care Sophie and if I can help you in any way please ask.

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