Thursday, January 11, 2007

Keeping this blog diary of what works for me keeps me focused on positives and is a ready reference for times of need.

Writing this blog has not just provided a great distraction from the symptoms of crps, it also helps me keep focused on what is working.

As with many sufferers of pain, I don't sleep well and feel dumbed down by poor concentration and memory. I look back on what I've written and remember to use some of the things that have worked especially when I have flare ups and I feel like desparing and can't think what to do. My wonderful physiotherapist said that although things are often bad, I'm recovering more quickly, and she was right. Instead of weeks and weeks, sometimes years of flare ups becoming chronic, I can now pare back the symptoms.

When you are sick with the pain etc it's hard to focus and think what to do to calm things. There is no magic pill. It requires effort. I can now go to my blog and know I'll find something to help. I encourage anyone reading this to jot down somewhere what works for you and then you can have something to fall back on in times of need.

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