Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Limb laterality recognition program.

I have problems with left and right. I also have problems with proprioception, knowing where the body or parts of the body are in space. Close your eyes and touch your nose. You need a sense of where your nose is in relation to your body to do this. Sometimes I lose this sense. On occasion I've not been able to touch my left hand with my right hand unless I could see it. I correct this by looking while I repeat the movement over and over till my brain learns again where things are.

This failure to recognize body parts is apparently part of this condition and I think may partly explain the "neglect" symptoms that are common with sufferers of complex regional pain syndrome.

Lorimer Moseley devised, after research, a program called Recognize. It is a measurable, progressive self-management computer program during which recognition of limb laterality is tested and treated.

The dedicated physiotherapist who gave me the "Explain Pain" book is going to help me with the program which I hope to start in coming weeks.

I'll post my progress with this program.

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