Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Physical therapy is most important for sufferers of complex regional pain syndrome.

I know that because of pain and stiffness I move differently and have altered posture. I do daily exercises to strengthen and tone weak muscles and to improve balance and posture. Most important with this syndrome are pacing and setting realistic goals. Overdoing things means a long time recovering which is counterproductive.

I've read that we should have our pain reduced so that we can tolerate physical therapy. This sounds good in theory. I don't have that option so I exercise with some pain but stop if the pain becomes extreme because again it's counterproduceive. I'm convinced that the focus should be on exercise as the most important thing. Dealing with pain is a bonus. Mirrors are very effective for this.

There are many people who can no longer tolerate drugs for pain and after trying different drugs and combinations end up devastated when told, as I was, to just live with it and look for alternatives as no more can be done to help.
It is my belief that with this syndrome the brain overrides the benefit of the drugs. More and more are need to get the same benefit. Then combinations are tried. This treatment is all in good faith by caring and concerned doctors.

Trouble is I think the brain is in control here and overrides the benefits because it has a fixed perception of pain.

In fact, as apears to have happened with me, the brain can decide that a drug is a threat and causes the body to have extreme reactions.

There are different styles of physiotherapy. I've found my physiotherapist who teaches me ways of moving, breathing, and exercises is the best for me. I was seeing a manipulative physiotherapist who was excellent and really knew the human body . However that style of physical therapy caused me more pain. That therapist has since been trained by David Butler and now povides a range of therapies.

I've put a link to the left of the page to a series ofn short videos of examples of physiotherapy for complex regional pain syndrome. It is best to seek professional advice.

I've also put a link to the noigroup physiotherapist discussion board. There physios discuss various problems and give peer advice. It is interesting and informative.

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