Saturday, January 13, 2007

Remember to breathe.

With the Xmas excitement and forgetting to pace and increased symptoms of CRPS, my blood pressure is more unstable again. I've had wildly fluctuating blood pressure for several years due to dysautonomia caused by this syndrome. In recent months I've managed to reduce both the extent and frequency of the swings thus stabilizing my blood pressure.

This stability was brought about by breathing out twice as long as in and doing so for 15 minutes each day. UK research supports this. The long out breath activates the parasympathetic nervouse system thus bringing about a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Of course with Xmas madness I didn't keep this up and as with other things I'm having to work at controlling the symptoms again. I know this breathing works for me as I've taked my BP before and after doing the breathing and noticed a significant drop in pressure after 15 minutes of this type of breathing.


Editor said...

Love your blog... interesting stuff... wishing you the best every day... my Mother has RSD... lives here in the States, California... I have a "news" blog on RSD you might like or maybe could tell your readers about/link to?


jeisea said...

Thanks Jason. I'll link your informative blog to my site. I've visited it several times and now have it in favourites.
Let me know if I can help your mum. Soon I'll be posting information about eating smart. I don't want to change my diet but if I know red grapes are higher in antioxidants that green, I'll eat red. I'd love to know if there is much done with mirrors in the US. Thanks again.

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