Friday, January 05, 2007

Same but different - reinforcing the "it's ok" message.

I'm reposting this from November archives. Please click on 2006 and then click "November" to see photos that go with this post.

After I do an exercise looking at my mirror image of my pain free side, I find a way of doing the same movement with my painful (arm, leg etc) but doing it in such a way that it doesn't hurt. At present I'm working on my left shoulder. I watch the mirror image of my right arm being raised and lowered (something that causes pain in the left shoulder if I do it with my left arm). Then I lie on the floor on my back and raise my arm from my side up and over to above my head. Gravity helps with this movement and is not painful.

This is the same movement only a different body position. I lay across a table or the kitchen bench and starting with my arm stretched back I lower it and then raise it so that it's horizontal. If I was in a pool, I could float face down and do the same movement supported by the water. Each Time I perform the movement without pain I'm allowing the brain to know that "it's ok". The more and varied ways I use to give the same message, the better chance I think I have of ridding myself of pain.

Adding music is another option for doing a same but different exercise.

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