Tuesday, January 02, 2007

There is world wide interest and research into relieving pain using a mirror.

This simple, quick and effective drug free treatment for chronic pain is gaining momentum world wide. In Australia there is professional training in methods of mirror therapy. The NOI group in Australia has ongoing product development to support the mirror work. Please see links to NOI group and pod cast of mirror box therapy.

In the UK there's also much interest. The Royal National Hospital for Rhumatic Diseases in Bath has a training sesson for Allied Health Professionals and Nurses on assessment and treatment of complex regional pain syndrome with workshops on Mirror Visual Feedback Therapies. This is on 8-9 March 2007. Please see link to the left of this blog.

The Netherlands has a trial to test the pypothesis that mirror therapy stimulates cortical representation of the upper extremity. This trial concludes in April 2007.

Again I encourage researchers to go beyond the hands and feet with this treatment.

I've personally had great success with reducing the pain on one whole side. Over time the pain became confined to a shoulder instead of from foot to head (including dental pain). Then with further mirror work I succeded in stopping the flare up on that side. Recently I managed to reduce and finally resolve the extreme burning pain after a Blue Bottle sting caused a fare up.

I took vitamin C 1000mg in divided doses after the sting. That was the first time I've resolved pain using mirrors where I didn't have an immediate flare up in another area. I actually had two days where I just had general pain. It was a great relief.
I took vitamin C because of recent research about preventing CRPS symptoms after trauma

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