Monday, January 22, 2007

The virtual body in the brain.

Section 4 in "Explain Pain" by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley, discusses "smudging the neurotag".

Persistent or chronic pain leads to changes in the brain. Our brain changes all the time and is dependent upon input for information. We become more sensitive to pain and the area of pain in the brain "the virtual body" becomes "smudged" or less clearly defined. This means that instead of pain being confined to an area, eg the shoulder, the pain spreads beyound the original site.

Mirror therapy helps the brain to clear this smudge so that the brain can better define the origional pain site. This explains why when my left shoulder flares up the pain very quickly travels up and down until the whole left side is involved. This also explains why when I do mirror therapy the pain gradually recedes back to the shoulder which is the origional site of pain.

The more I use the mirror, the less pain and symptoms until finally the flare up is resolved.

Mirrors really do work!

Please note that on going physical therapy is still essential to regain strength and tone to prevent further injury and flare ups. Alway seek the advice of your treating professional. What is written here is what works for me.

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