Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dental work and CRPS

I thought I was making the right decision not to have analgesia with my check up. As there was no work to be done and the dentist just cleaned my teeth I mistakenly thought I wouldn't have a problem.

Unfortunately a nerve in the back of my head and another on the right of my face began firing a few hours after the check up. I already had some nerve sensitivity and mild firing before I went. I should have taken the precaution of having the area deadened. In future I'll be more cautious.

I started taking extra vitamin C,as well as an increased amount in the diet. I think this has saved me getting extreme nerve firing. It started, like touching a raw nerve with a pin. Fortunately this time the firing is only spasmodic and so is tolerable. The good thing is it's not getting worse.

I now just need to remain calm and wait for the firing to peater out.

Next time I'll ask my dentist to stick to the protocols that we know work to prevent problems.

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