Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hand exerciser - simple and inexpensive.

I wanted to tell you about something you could make and carry with you that you can use to gently exercise your hand and it doesn't cost much at all. I have used it continuously for over 2 years for my hands and find it fantastic as you can use it both gently and stronger if you wish.
Its a balloon filled with playdoe. All you need to do is open the neck of the balloon (you might need to get someone to help you do this) and put as much playdoe in it depending on how big you wish it to be...tie a knot in the neck and start squeezing!
Its the same principle as a stress ball but heaps cheaper. You can also fill a balloon with flour if you havent got playdoe, but the flour doesn't work quite so well. (if using flour i would actually use 2 balloons cos if you get a split in it...).

This great idea came from Sonya in New Zealand. Thank you Sonya.

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